Namadi community, in Fiji, establishes a Neighbourhood Watch

THE residents of Villa Maria settlement in Namadi Heights now have a reason to smile after launching its Community Neighbourhood Watch Zone on Saturday. There is a greater sense of safety.  Namadi Heights is in Suva, Fiji.

Deputy Divisional Police Commander Southern Juki Chew said it was the first time the Force was launching the project in the area.

“We like thank the community for working together with us in launching the program. If we work together, we can achieve more,” Mr Chew said.

“To the community, if you help us, we will help you. It is important for residents of this settlement to work together and help each other out.”

“I am thankful for the support shown by the force and establishing this safety zone. It will help the youths and the young kids to stay away from crime,” Mr Mafutuna said.

He said the incentive would be a safer neighbourhood to live in.  He said it was the first time the force was launching the project in the area.

“Because of this launch, now the residents and the neigbouring people living in the area can now feel safe.”

Mr Mafutuna was given the privilege of unveiling the new neighbourhood watch zone billboard.

The settlement has more than 100 residents

Village eldest resident 77-year-old Robert Mafutuna was present and did the honours of unveiling the new Neighborhood Watch Zone board.  Being the oldest person in the area and seeing three generations of his family live in the same settlement, said it was a proud moment for people in the area to provide safety for the residents.

Article by VISHAAL KUMAR, Saturday, March 18, 2017, 1:49PM from Fiji Times:

Monday, March 20, 2017:

20 March 2017, 11a by Ashna KUMAR:

Stay safe, be happy!



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